Eroski and Smartlog, Robotekin partners, join forces to set up the first grocery AutoStore in Spain Andrés Goñi January 29, 2024

Eroski and Smartlog, Robotekin partners, join forces to set up the first grocery AutoStore in Spain

In a step towards the modernization of food distribution in Spain, two Robotekin partner companies such as Eroski and Smartlog Group have closed a strategic agreement to implement the AutoStore robotic system in its logistics center in Son Morro, Mallorca. This alliance represents a significant milestone, as Smartlog introduces the first robotic system of these characteristics in the food sector in Spain.

The solution it has designed in this respect is set to revolutionize the order picking of slow-moving dry products in the food cooperative’s distribution center. The system is scheduled for installation in the second quarter of 2024.

AutoStore stands out as the highest density storage system in grocery automation, enabling automated picking of products and maximizing distribution efficiency. To further optimize processes, Smartlog will implement its Warehouse Management System (WMS), integrating and controlling all processes and systems in the preparation center. This will improve real-time inventory tracking and management by expiration date and best-before date.

Eroski’s investment responds to the need to optimize its grocery distribution services and make efficient use of its space. This technological leap will provide more efficient picking, improving order accuracy and enabling more efficient delivery to its supermarkets.

We are very pleased with this close collaboration with Smartlog to introduce the first AutoStore system in one of our distribution centers. This partnership demonstrates our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, and it is also an improvement to be able to continue providing more references and more solutions that allow us to satisfy a greater number of needs for our customers.

Alfredo Herraez, General Manager at Eroski Baleares

The strategic alliance between Eroski and Smartlog represents a crucial step towards the future of food distribution in Spain, with significant benefits for both companies and their customers. Eroski positions itself as a benchmark for other supermarkets seeking to capitalize on the growing demand for efficient services. The facility is scheduled to go live in the second quarter of this year and is expected to transform the way food is handled and distributed in the country.