Egibide students participate in a European project to program a functional and safe collaborative robot Andrés Goñi September 20, 2023

Egibide students participate in a European project to program a functional and safe collaborative robot

RoboCup is an international project promoted in 2021 by the European Erasmus+ program whose objective is the programming of a functional and safe collaborative robot. This proposal has been articulated in its first edition around the participation of European students from four vocational training centers such as Roskilde Tekniske Skole from Denmark, Kuben school from Norway, Keuda from Finland and Egibide from the Basque Country, associated to the robotics and automation hub Robotekin since its origin.

The objective, as mentioned, is to encourage collaboration between students in the development of the programming of a robot that not only executes a sequence of operations, but does so with a level of safety that exceeds that of standard industrial robots. “In addition to the technical sections, the project helps to work with students on a series of cross-cutting contents that are very important for us when it comes to designing the pedagogical model that best responds to the needs of the students with a view to their professional future“, says Egibide. 

For this first edition of ‘RoboCup’, four challenges have been set, each one developed in one of the participating countries. The first phase took place in Finland, and focused on the design and 3D printing of the robot gripper for the use of this part in later phases. This phase was defined as Get a grip

The second challenge (Test for success), which focused on programming the robot’s movements, took place in Denmark. Last February, the third phase of the project (Play safe) took place, this time in Norway, where students installed physical safety measures applicable to the robot to ensure a safe working environment. And the last phase, called Better together, was held in April in Vitoria-Gasteiz, in Egibide’s facilities, where the results of the previous phases were integrated and a cell managed by a PLC or Programmable Logic Controller was added. 

Recently, a delegation of students and teachers from the Basque VET center traveled to Roskilde (Denmark) to participate in the meeting that marked the closing of this European project.  

A partir de ahora, todos los From now on, all the materials and documentation that have been generated throughout the RoboCup project will be available to any teacher interested in carrying out a similar project with their students.

This video summarizes the presence of students in the IV phase of RoboCup, held last April at Egibide’s facilities in Vitoria-Gasteiz.