Larraioz Group joins Robotekin project Andrés Goñi January 9, 2024

Larraioz Group joins Robotekin project

Since 1988, the Francisco Aristeguieta Technology Center in Zarautz has been home to the headquarters of the Larraioz Group, the latest Basque technology company to decide to invest in Robotekin. Specializing in intelligent automation solutions for machines and processes, Larraioz Elektronika began 30 years ago offering numerical control solutions, and then moved on to automation and, finally, robotics. In this field, Larraioz Elektronika has accumulated remarkable experience. It offers, among others, robots, programmable controllers, industrial software and, in general, all the systems that allow the correct operation of a machine.

It has a staff of 20 people and a business structure divided into three areas (Larraioz Industrial Electronics, Automation&Research and Basque Automation) and a Foundation, Francisco Aristeguieta Urgoiti, named after the mentor of the Larraioz family, uncle of the current manager Bittor Larraioz Aristeguieta and the vice-president of the Foundation, María Elena Larrayoz Aristeguieta.

For this Basque Group, robotics is not going to change the market, but has been doing so for years, transforming jobs towards a trend with no turning back. “It is clear that there is a transformation in the workplace and that there will be less and less work involving physical strength and more work involving the head, thinking, because we were not born to do heavy work, but to think, reason and invent,” says Xabier Iturralde, founding partner and CTO of Larraioz Group.