Robotekin participates in the Advanced Factories trade fair, a benchmark in Southern Europe Andrés Goñi April 11, 2024

Robotekin participates in the Advanced Factories trade fair, a benchmark in Southern Europe

Travel to learn and return to spread the word. Under this premise we have packed our bags again. This time, to Barcelona, where the prestigious Advanced Factories was held, a fair that every year brings together the most innovative companies in industrial automation, robotics and digital manufacturing, making it the leading event in automation and industrial robotics in southern Europe.

On this occasion, and under the slogan ‘Integrating Automation Systems’, the focus has been on the strategic need to work in different layers for the integration of automation and robotics systems through the interconnection of equipment, sensors and other hardware so that we can extract quality data from production processes. The management and analysis of this data in real time through software allows plant personnel to monitor, control the activity and performance of the machines to extract meaning from these large data sets.

Erik Echániz, CEO of Robotekin, has attended this VIII edition with a double objective: to disseminate the philosophy, values and objectives of our ‘Hub’ and to learn first-hand about the latest technologies in robotics, automation, integrated production systems, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, cybersecurity, Big Data and data analytics.

They are all technologies associated with Industry 4.0, which means being at the forefront if we want to take a step forward in the digitization of our factories and address the integration of all our equipment, systems and technologies, with artificial intelligence as a key tool for improving productivity,” said Echániz, who also had the opportunity to visit the stands of the three companies associated with Robotekin that have gathered at this prestigious fair: BereikerAlias Robotics Kuka.