Strategic” agreement between Alias Robotics and Smartlog Group Andrés Goñi January 16, 2024

Strategic” agreement between Alias Robotics and Smartlog Group

Alias Robotics and Smartlog Group, two of Robotekin’s partner companies, have reached a “strategic” collaboration agreement whereby the former, a leader in cybersecurity specializing in the protection of robotic systems, will provide Smartlog Group’s customers with comprehensive, state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions.

According to the agreement, which has been published in the SPRI Group’s Business Bulletin, this collaboration represents a significant milestone in the expansion of the services of both companies, which combine their expertise to offer cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions in the field of logistics and robotics.

Similarly, it allows Smartlog Group to expand its portfolio of services, offering its customers an optional added value in each project through cybersecurity solutions provided by Alias Robotics. This implies an integral interaction between the solutions of one and the other, thus providing complete coverage.

You can read the details of this agreement here