The Government of Navarre visits Aldakin’s headquarters in Alsasua Andrés Goñi March 21, 2024

The Government of Navarre visits Aldakin’s headquarters in Alsasua

The Minister of Industry and Ecological and Digital Business Transition, Mikel Irujo, the Director of Business Development, Íñigo Arruti, and the General Director of Energy R+D+i Business and Entrepreneurship, Uxue Itoiz, recently visited Aldakin’s headquarters in Alsasua to learn first-hand about the different robotic cells, collaborative robots and mobile robots that the company is currently working on.

In recent years, Aldakin, a member of Robotekin, has been firmly committed to the development of its own innovative solutions for the automation and robotization of production processes, which is why it has implemented its own R+D department that develops this work hand in hand with educational institutions and technology centers to try to apply cutting-edge technologies to real industrial environments.

During the visit, Minister Irujo and the rest of the Industry team were accompanied by Francisco López de Alda, manager of Aldakin, and Ibai Inziarte, director of R+D of Aldakin and the managing director of NAIR, Gorka García.

Aldakin is a business group founded in 1987 specialized in offering global electricity and improvement solutions by supporting companies within the industrial and construction sector. Its services include electrical installations, electrical cabinets, industrial maintenance, and automation and robotics. The Navarrese firm, which is in the process of growth, currently has 220 employees in its four delegations, located in Alsasua, Pamplona, Vitoria and Andoáin, and managed to close 2023 with a turnover of 15.5 million euros.