EGA MASTER, recognized in the ‘Arizmendiarreta-Anitua Sariak Awards’ Andrés Goñi March 26, 2024

EGA MASTER, recognized in the ‘Arizmendiarreta-Anitua Sariak Awards’

We are always pleased to meet and accompany our associated companies in their day-to-day work to test their projects, share experiences, promote everything we can and enjoy their successes… Successes that sometimes come in the form of a project awarded or an order placed on the other side of the Atlantic, and others, less often, as public recognition of the trajectory and social involvement of their project.

This is the context in which EGA MASTER, one of our associated firms, has been awarded in the second edition of the ‘Arizmendiarreta-Anitua Sariak Awards’ for its application of the management values recommended in the Inclusive Participatory Business Model (MIPE).
The award, promoted by the Arizmendiarrieta Foundation and EGIBIDE (Fundación Diocesanas-Jesús Obrero Fundazioa), was presented on March 21 in the auditorium of Egibide-Molinuevo.

During the award ceremony, which was attended by a good part of the team of the Alava-based company headed by its CEO, Aner Garmendia, the Jury highlighted the search for excellence in all areas of this firm based in #Júndiz through a shared project that in the last year has focused its improvement on environmental management, as well as the implementation of a participatory model.

From these lines, our congratulations to the whole Egamaster team and also to the other winners on this occasion, the Zigor Industrial Group and the Urkide Innovation Center. Representatives from both of them enthusiastically embraced this second edition, giving a firm sense to one of José María Arizmendiarreta’s thoughts: “We cannot presume to be social or fair forgetting what we have all received from the community and from the generations that have preceded us and without making the appropriate contributions in return“.