TIBOT, a benchmark in educational robotics, joins Robotekin Andrés Goñi April 30, 2024

TIBOT, a benchmark in educational robotics, joins Robotekin

The Alava-based company TIBOT, a leader in the field of educational robotics with innovative solutions to foster STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning in students of all ages, has just joined Robotekin as an associate member. Based in Vitoria-Gasteiz and with a decade of professional experience, TIBOT focuses its business approach on hands-on, experiential learning with robots designed to be intuitive and easy to use, allowing students to explore concepts and develop skills in an interactive way.

Also part of TIBOT are Habilitas Creative Play (providing non-formal training to students and teachers) and Tilk-Education (designing and creating teaching materials to complement the robots). “We are a diverse team united by a passion, education, a team that spends its time, effort and enthusiasm testing robots, using them in the classroom and even in our homes. This has been our task over the last decade to help schools and families find the most suitable robot”, says the company’s CEO, Joseba Mouriz.

Robotekin’s new partner sees educational robotics as a means to achieve educational objectives, and not as an end in itself. In this sense, “while students practice and learn concepts of computational thinking, programming or electronics, they will also be developing fundamental skills such as communication, innovation or problem solving”, adds Elena López de Arróyabe, one of the people in charge of the pedagogical area.